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How long will worker’s compensation last?

How long will worker’s compensation last?

Worker’s compensation will last for different amounts of time for different people. If you want to look at a standard worker’s compensation claim, most of them will have two components. One will be medical treatment and care, the other, disability benefits. The medical component, the medical treatment and care, is going to be provided until the doctors say there’s nothing else that can be done. The disability component is going to go until the doctor says there’s nothing else I can do for you or releases you to return to work. You have to be off of work and actively treating in order to receive temporary total disability benefits. In order to determine what benefits are available to you, it’s important to talk to an attorney who understands Indiana worker’s compensation law. The attorneys at Blachly, Tabor, Bozik, & Hartman can give you those answers.


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