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What do dram shop laws allow?

What do dram shop laws allow?

Dram shop refers to commercial establishments that serve alcohol like restaurants and bars. When it comes to dram shop laws, essentially, if there is a person who is injured by a patron of that bar who has been over-served at that bar, it will allow the person injured by that patron to recover damages against the bar. This is because they (the bar) have a duty to everyone to make sure that they are not serving somebody who is visibly intoxicated and then they go out and hurt somebody.

If you are somebody who has been injured by either a drunk driver or somebody who was intoxicated, there may be some liability for a bar or a restaurant that served that person. The attorneys at Blachly Tabor Bozik & Hartman can help, give us a call for a free consultation and we can potentially bring a dram shop option on your behalf.

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