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Why should I hire a worker’s comp lawyer?

Why should I hire a workers comp lawyer?

I’m asked a lot of times why someone should hire a workers’ compensation attorney. One of the main reasons I think is that it is going to level the playing field for that person. People who get hurt on the job, many times it is the first time they’ve ever been injured. It is the first time they have been through this system. What they do not understand is that the adjuster is someone who is protecting their client’s interests and has handled hundreds and hundreds of workers’ compensation claims in their career.

Whereas the injured worker has only had this one, perhaps. It really levels the playing field a bit to have an expert in your corner helping you out. If you’re injured in an accident, contact us.

Contact Partner Craig Van Schouwen at Blachly, Tabor, Bozik & Hartman and let us answer those questions for you.

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