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How does worker’s compensation work?

How does worker’s compensation work?

Worker’s compensation is designed for people that are injured in work accidents. First you’re going to want to report the injury as quickly as you can, make sure people know that you’ve been hurt. If it’s a more severe injury and there’s an urgent situation, you’re going to want to get medical care as quickly as possible, get yourself taken care of. But realize that in Indiana the employer gets to pick the doctor, the employer gets to direct medical treatment and care. A worker’s compensation claim is a complex thing and you’re dealing with an insurance company who has handled these claims many times and also is dealing with an attorney on the other side that you don’t know is there. So it’s really important if you’re injured in an accident to contact an attorney who has handled worker’s compensation claims before to get advice on what your rights are and how you should proceed through your claim. The attorneys at Blachly, Tabor, Bozik, and Hartman can handle that situation for you.

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