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Social Security Disability: Claimants with Mental Disorders Provide Unique Challenges and Rewards

Attorney Randall Zromkoski presented a seminar entitled Social Security Disability:  Claimants With Mental Disorders Provide Unique Challenges and Rewards to the Social Security Section of the Allen County Barr Association in Fort Wayne.  For nearly 40 years, Attorney Zromkoski has represented claimants denied disability benefits by the Social Security Administration.  During most of those years, he has been an advocate for the mentally ill and has served in leadership positions on various board of directors including those of mental health providers.  Through his experiences, he developed both and understanding and appreciation of the unique challenges and satisfaction of representing those suffering the impact of mental illness.  In recognition of his commitment to the mentally ill, he received numerous awards and invitations to speak to mental health providers, support groups and the families of those impacted by mental illness.  If you or someone you know has been denied Social Security Disability benefits, contact Attorney Randall Zromkoski for a consultation to review your right to appeal the denial.

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