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What is a recordable injury?

What is a recordable injury?

A recordable injury in Indiana can have many different meanings. It can be something that is defined by the employer. Does it mean that a person has had an accident and they’ve lost time from work? Does it mean that the person has just simply had an accident and has gone to get a stitch at the clinic? Most people, when they come to see me for a workers’ compensation claim, we are talking about a compensable injury. It’s a personal injury that arises out of and in the course of one’s employment.

There are three components for you to have a personal injury. First, we are relying on doctors and medical evidence to establish that there is in fact an injury here. The second requirement is that it arise out of employment. That just means that the injury occurred as a result of the work that you were hired to do. Finally, the injury has to happen in the course of employment.

If you have met those three elements, you have a compensable workers’ compensation claim. So it is important to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney  to understand what benefits there are available to you. Partner Craig Van Schouwen can help you. Call him at 800-921-2824.

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