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What is considered malpractice?

What is considered malpractice?

In the legal world, malpractice is called a breach of the standard of care. This means that doctors were careless in either doing something or not doing something. Examples may include but are not limited to things such as surgical errors, medication errors, reading an x-ray or MRI film incorrectly, or prescribing the wrong medication.

The consequences can be very grave, and the doctor needs to be held accountable. When in doubt, you should always have competent legal counsel.  Any situation that you believe a doctor may have done something wrong should be investigated. At Blachly, Tabor, Bozik & Hartman, we can certainly assist you and help you in pursuing that claim.

What constitutes medical malpractice?

When an entity or professional in the medical industry causes an injury to a patient by an act of negligence, the negligent act constitutes medical malpractice.

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